How can a WordPress-powered Website Convert Visitors?

With digital marketing on the rise, many businesses today are lead to believe that website traffic is the Holy Grail of Internet marketing.

Traffic equals sales!
To make more sales, just get more traffic!
Put up a company website, publish content on the website and promote that content to generate traffic – and voila! Money will begin flowing into the business like a river dumping its contents into the ocean!

Sorry, but this is just not true anymore. There was a time when the Internet worked that way, but those days are long gone. The problem is that traffic is only half of the equation. It is so frustrating to see hundreds and then thousands of visitors coming to the website, only to watch them leave without making any purchase or contacting the company in any way. The website is getting traffic, but it is not making much money because it is failing to convert.

Conversion is the other half of the equation.

Inexperienced digital marketing agencies often make the mistake of hyping the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic generation without understanding the other half of that equation—conversion rate optimization (CRO). For a company website to have a significant impact on profits, it must convert visitors into customers.

This is where WordPress web design comes to the rescue. WordPress offers incredible flexibility to quickly and easily create websites that convert. There are many different factors that contribute to a website’s conversion rate, and WordPress make it easy to customize and test every variable imaginable to fully optimize a site for maximum conversions.

Below are three powerful strategies businesses can use to increase conversions on their websites using WordPress.

1. Optimize and Test Calls-to-Action
The call-to-action (CTA) on a website page is probably the most important element in the conversion funnel. A website can have everything else optimized to the hilt, but if the CTA does not appeal to the visitor, they will not be making any purchase or filling out any lead capture forms.

There are infinite possibilities for optimizing CTAs, but making guesses will not do anyone any good. It is important to focus on one variable at a time, make a change to that variable and then measure the results before testing that option against another option.

For instance, there might be a blue button that reads, “Click here to get your free gift!” This simple CTA has many variables that will need to be tested one at a time. Will the button be clicked more often if it is red? What if it is changed to green? Should the text be changed to get more clicks? Might the button be clicked more often if it was further down on the page?

Tweaking these variables could improve click-through rates by 20 percent or more, so this is a big deal. In the old days—meaning a decade or two ago—these changes would have taken eons to implement and test, and the website would have suffered serious downtime while the changes were taking place. A savvy and expensive computer programmer would also have needed to be brought in to do the work. These efforts would have cost the company thousands of dollars.

But this is not 2003.

Experienced website developers can test out these customizations with minimal downtime and expense. Nobody has to unleash the old-school programmers. No code needs to be written. The website usually does not even need to be brought offline. With a few simple steps, creative design changes can be made quickly and easily.

2. Focus on Keywords with Buyer Intent
Another way to increase conversions is to focus on keywords that are more likely to lead to sales. The main idea here is that keywords need to be focused. Intent is everything. Who cares if a million people visited the website today if none of them were interested in purchasing the company’s products or services?

To convert traffic into sales, it is important to attract targeted traffic to the landing pages on the website, and keywords are the key to driving traffic that converts. Some keywords are especially effective at driving sales because they reflect the mindset of a paying customer. Blog posts with keywords such as “best food processors under $300” will probably convert much better than those that focus on “free smoothie recipes for unemployed millennials.”

Choosing the best keywords and using them in the right way on landing pages is necessary to optimize conversion rates and make more sales. WordPress offers tons of plugins like SEO Yoast and Keyword Density Checker that are invaluable for analyzing how well a website’s landing pages are targeting their primary keywords.

3. Catch Them on the Way Out
Another easy way to turn more website visitors into customers is to take one last shot at them on their way out the door. There are at least 20 WordPress plugins that detect readers’ exit intentions and use popups to save them from becoming lost conversions. When the visitor begins moving the mouse cursor toward the back arrow at the top of the computer screen, a popup window will appear and make one last attempt to connect with the visitor.

The colors, images and CTA in the popups are customizable—and therefore testable—to optimize for conversion purposes. Exit-intent technology is simply one more clever, affordable lead-capture tactic that is easy to implement when using the WordPress platform.

These three conversion methods are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using WordPress design to grow a business on autopilot. There are countless other ways to tweak a website’s design, layouts, text and media to generate more leads. Never make the mistake of thinking that traffic alone is the solution to increasing sales. Optimizing conversion rates is just as important as increasing website traffic, and WordPress makes it easy to do both.

Get Expert WordPress Services from WordPress Experts
Today, WordPress is the top CMS used by a great number of business websites all over the web. Many business owners have chosen WordPress to power their websites for the following reasons:

?? Free and open-source
?? Offers features that make websites look professional
?? Customizable
?? SEO-friendly
?? Capable of hosting multimedia files
?? Solution to E-commerce
?? 100 percent secured
?? Mobile-friendly

While it is true that one can easily set up a WordPress website, there are still many reasons why experts are needed in the bigger picture. For businessmen, using WordPress in creating a website is not only about choosing fonts, colors and backgrounds, or uploading pictures and content. The work does not stop there. WordPress-powered websites are built to showcase a business’ fresh brand and strong image online. But with all the technical skills needed to maximize the features of WordPress, skilled SEO professionals with a deep understanding of this CMS are needed.

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