What is the Best Way to Get My Website in Google Top Rankings?

Are you frustrated about your website not landing on the spot you want in Google search pages despite all your SEO and Internet marketing efforts? You have been working on getting organic traffic that you hope would bring in conversions and spending on marketing tools that are not doing the trick to get you to the top. And now you ask: How can I get my Website on the top spot of Google?

But hey,you are not alone. A loooootttt of companies who are now on TOP were once on rock bottom and they are their own success story. None of them happened over night but with the right blend of SEO techniques and Internet marketing strategies, you will rake in
traffic, improve leads, and increase conversion.

Start crossing out SEO practices that do not work for your business and let the professionals do the heavy lifting for you! Your time, resources and effort must be delegated solely on your business, your clients and your potential customers. On your way to the top, work only with the best SEO company that has the tools, experience, and drive to make you rank higher than your competitors in search engines.

Understand How Customers Use Search Engines

People use search engines for a thousand reasons, including finding information about things they need at the moment. Customers search for information before buying or hiring, and they definitely click on the first one on the list; not just because it saves them from spending time on scrolling and reading, but because their mindset is “What’s on top is always the best!” Another fact is that most customers do online research before visiting physical local retail store.

A number of businesses fail in their web marketing practices because they forget to understand and consider the behavior of their target audience when searching online. Having a clear understanding of why and how people use search engines is very important because it will help you capture the right kind of audience that will convert to long-term customers.

Knowing your audience and how they use Google is a critical factor in creating a solid SEO campaign that will truly make a difference.Through this and the professional services of SEO experts, you can keep up with the forever-changing algorithms of search engines. Build that relationship with your clients and potential customers online by knowing not just their credit card information but most especially their needs and how your products and services can satisfy them.

How can SEO Get you to the Top?

While there are many SEO services your business can benefit from, there are specific strategies that can significantly impact your Google rankings. With the professional services of SEO experts, you will have an Internet marketing campaign that will truly make a difference in your online brand.

Keyword Research

The best SEO company can define the keywords you want to compete for. If your campaigns are not producing results, it means that you are not optimizing the keywords specific for your business that will lead your customers straight to your door. SEO experts can definitely help you in this department, for they have the tools that can organize both short- and long-tail keywords, with their corresponding volume searches in Google. This way, you will know what set of keywords has less competition but high search volume.

On-page Optimization Checklist

SEO professionals will design a uniquely tailored SEO campaign that will help you reach your marketing and ranking goals. One of the most effective techniques to get to the top of search engines is ON-PAGE SEO. The SEO experts will optimize each web page of your website to achieve higher rankings and get more organic traffic in search engines. For a perfectly optimized page, here is a checklist that SEO professionals strictly follow to win in Google rankings:

  1. SEO-friendly URLs
  2. Target Keywords on Title Tag
  3. Proper headline tagging (H1, H2, H3)
  4. Engaging and relevant photos, videos and other multimedia materials
  5. Target Keywords are used organically in the content
  6. Responsive web and mobile design
  7. Outbound and Internal Links
  8. Relevant LSI Keywords
  9. vImages on the web pages are optimized
  10. Social signals are present on the web page
  11. Post long, engaging, and timely content.

Your target audience are living and thinking beings; therefore, it is very important to consult with the best SEO company who can design an SEO strategy that is not only ranking-worthy but user-friendly as well. Keywords are naturally and relevantly used in the sentence, and are not only stuffed on a page,making a completely senseless content. Google crawlers detect these kinds of content, and and they will not give that page a good ranking.

Always remember that you are writing content for people to read and not for search engines. Search engines only evaluate the content. When they rank your content, what they take into consideration is the number of visitors who read and comment on it.

Content Strategy Plan

When it comes to content marketing, you are never done. If you have posted a content that brought in more traffic and conversion, you must never allow it to sit down, but MUST be updated regularly. Google rolls its eyes on sites with stale content. But if the site articles are up-to-date, innovative and strong, the search engine King will give it a good ranking.

All high-end SEO companies offer content marketing services. They certainly know that consistency is one of the important elements of content marketing. It is not just a simple job of publishing high-quality content every once in a while. What must be done is to keep a desired balance between frequent posting and posting only excellent content relevant to your brand. Branding is crucial to make your products or services unique and different from others.

Blog Strategy

Blogging boosts SEO results. The more you optimize your blog posts for SEO, your web pages are ranked higher in search engine result pages, where your target audience can find you easily and discover your business.

But then you start thinking: “I really don’t have such luxury of time to develop an SEO campaign for my business, let alone write blogs on a daily or weekly basis.”

This is why hiring a top-ranking SEO company is very crucial. Only them can help you build a campaign that includes a strong blog strategy. Here are some of the top reasons why an online business needs the blog feature:

  1. Publishing new content on your website. There are some pages on your site which cannot be changed or updated such as the About Us page or history of the company. Home page rarely changes content. However, you can publish new posts by starting a blog and you can schedule several posts in a day if you so desire. The more fresh articles are posted, the more pages search engines can index. It gives you more chances of taking the highest spot on search engine results.
  2. Keywords are strategically used. Blogs give you fresh breaks to use focus SEO keywords, resulting in a great improvement of your SEO results.
  3. It promotes backlinking. The Blog strategy helps you build relationship with other websites and organization through effective use of backlinks. You can include links to other relevant and similar websites, and in return, these websites may link back to your site. Backlinking generates more web traffic.
  4. Blogs help increase popularity rank. To win a popularity contest, you publish only high-quality content that online audience will actually want to read.
  5. It improves social media search results. Google is now considering results for social media posts. A blog linked to your social media account provides a new opportunity to be found by search engines when users are searching for your company.

Get First Page Ranking Now

Getting to the top of Google takes a lot of work. It will take your time off from running your business and attending to your family. You need a top-rated SEO company to do the work for you.

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