search engine optimization business data digital conceptPerhaps your online store is enjoying its success because you have put it up on social media. That Facebook account has probably been there for a long time, but you have not really put it to good use. These days, likes and shares are as important as a website search. However, likes and shares are not a guarantee of money coming into your business. It’s just that –  likes and shares. There is no assurance that the people who liked or shared your shop on social media will buy from you.

Your online success depends on many factors. One of those is that you should give importance to how your website is being indexed. Indexing is very important in SEO ranking. If your website rank goes up, you get higher web traffic. The higher website traffic means a higher chance of money coming in.

Indexing Explained

Indexing is putting your website on a database. It is similar to how a card catalog in a library works. If you are not listed in the card catalog of a library, there is little possibility that people will find you. For a certain website to rank, it should be indexed correctly. Web crawlers search the sites relevant to every user’s search. Through this huge online database, search engines respond to users and display the particular information they are looking for.

The trick is by using keywords. With the use of a keyword, search engines respond faster to the search queries, bringing all the good stuff displayed in pages.

How do search engines perform this trick? Search engines like Google have web crawlers, known as bots that visit websites and collect information from them. Unlucky for you if you have poor-quality content to which bots may recognize as irrelevant.

The Value of Content

Don’t trust everything you read because not all information that you can find on the internet is useful, correct and of high quality.  Content can come in many forms and on different platforms. It can be in the form of blogs, articles, social media posts, infographics, audiobooks, news, e-books, images, press releases, quotes, etc. The relevance and usefulness of your content is determined by how users often use them according to their search.

The main goal of proper content is to solicit audience engagement. You do not create content based on what you want to talk about; you build content based on what your audience wants to see, read or hear. Your target audience is what matters. Since Google’s algorithm is always changing, we need to keep up with the times, changing and modifying content to what suits the public best. In other words, users are the ones to benefit this information. 

Without quality content using good SEO, the chances of getting up to the ladder of SEO rankings are low. The privilege of having your online presence will be less. Know more about content building and strategize with an SEO expert so that your online store will get its market share. Make SEO a part of your success. If you do not know how, ask the experts from a reliable SEO firm. We, at Authority Solutions™, make things right, and we believe that every small business has the ability to go big, with the right tools at the right moment.