How relevant are SEO ranking reports in modern day SEO?

There is an ongoing debate about the relevancy of rank tracking in modern day SEO. Some suggest that search results are now too personalized making it harder for SEOs to track rankings accurately. There are also those who believe that in the age of semantic search, keywords are no longer critical.

It is true that tracking rankings accurately have become much harder, and Google is getting better in deciphering the meaning of queries instead of matching them with exact keywords in pages. However, that does not undermine the value of report ranking in any way.

The emerging changes in search engines only mean that our tracking goals and the way we track rankings needs to shift. In this article, we will evaluate the importance of report ranking in modern day SEO as well as tackle the challenges we face with rank tracking today.

Why do you need an SEO ranking report?
Ranking reports are important. Why? The primary goal of SEO is to increase your site’s exposure to search engines. Ranking favorably plays a massive role in widening your reach in search engines. While an SEO ranking report gives insight to only one metric to measure, it is still a key component in any SEO process.

Also, gone are the days when the primary goal of report ranking was to see if our SEO efforts are translating into rankings so that we can keep the progress growing by sticking to what works best. This use for SEO ranking reports is still essential, but there exist many other goals that make report ranking crucial for businesses.

  • Keep track of your SEO efforts and how they translate into ranking
  • Whereas this is an old idea, it is as relevant today as it has ever been. You should always be aware of the impact your (on-site and off-site) changes have on your ranking. The changes range from switching to HTTPs, going mobile, tweaking your titles and descriptions to all sorts of changes you may want to implement.

    Having a clear understanding on how your SEO efforts and rankings correlate will help you see which changes have a positive impact, so that you can focus more on them, and which changes have adverse effects so that you can reverse them in time.

  • Keep track of which keywords and pages drive in most traffic
  • This is a crucial aspect of report ranking for many reasons. First, a clear understanding of which type of queries bring in targeted traffic is critical for further keyword research.

You can then utilize the information to research on new high-performing keywords and start targeting them with your pages.

SEO reports essentially help you prioritize your SEO efforts focusing on high-value pages and keywords. One of the best ways to achieve this is by identifying high-traffic keywords and tracking them so that you can see how they perform in the long run.

  • Understand what is causing changes in sales and traffic
  • If your site visits and sales are shifting downwards or even going up, you must try to find out the causes. Changes in ranking may be one of the reasons. By continually keeping tabs on how you are performing, you will be able to spot and prevent or minimize the losses in site visits and sales.

  • Improve little-effort pages.
  • Report ranking is an excellent way of finding low-effort ways to drive more traffic. One of the ways you do it is by getting an SEO ranking report, and identifying pages that already rank high for high-demand keywords but are not up there yet. With some effort, you can drive those pages higher up.

Measure Online Marketing Efforts through SEO Rank Report
With SEO Rank Report you can have access to a comprehensive and easy-to-understand data that will allow you to design a strategic plan that will measure the effects of your online marketing efforts.

SEO activities or campaigns such as the list below can be effectively assessed with the help of rank reports.

  1. Internet Marketing Performance – Evaluate response results from campaigns such as online advertising, email marketing, and online partner programs. Avoid additional costs for marketing mishaps and duplicate success by assessing conversion metrics.
  2. SEO Results – Maximize keyword research and selection with the help of data-supported reports. With SEO rank reporting, you can improve your SEO strategy by comparing results from organic searches, PPC ads and paid inclusion.
  3. Online Sales Analysis – For e-commerce businesses, detailed SEO reporting can provide a clearer view of where online shoppers cancel or leave carts and identify elements and features of your website that need to be improved (for example, product descriptions).
  4. Customer Segmentation – Effectively segment online customers and audience based on their behavior, preferences and objectives. With SEO rank reporting, you can appropriately market to each segment and target valuable customers.

The challenges you might face with report ranking and how to tackle them.

There is a notion that search engine results have become too personalized for SEO tracking reports to track ranking accurately. It is true that localization, personalization, device type and biases have a significant sway on how keywords rank on different platforms.

But, on average, personalization does not change ranking much. However, on an individual level, it changes ranking dramatically. This can be addressed by ranking these variables separately. You can get an SEO ranking report that shows desktop ranking compared to mobile ranking. You can do the same for the local side. You can check your ranking on the various geographical locations.

Estimating keyword value
A lot of folks think that we can no longer know how much traffic individual keywords send. And because of that, we cannot ascertain how much traffic each keyword sends; we cannot put a value on any keyword.

However, we can track that by looking at pages receiving visitors from search and then look at the keywords they rank for. If we tie the two together, we can not only make an SEO ranking report, but we can also estimate the value contributed by the pages and the content rather than by keywords.

Tracking keyword relevancy
Search engines have gotten better with user intent, and now pages often rank for keywords that they were not precisely targeting. This makes it hard to track those rankings because we do not know what to look for. As much as this is a challenge, what we have to do is broaden our set of keywords.

Report ranking with a purpose
A lot of organizations do not have a properly defined purpose for rank tracking. But, for you to reap the full benefits of an SEO ranking report, you should identify the goals for rank tracking first. Ask yourself: What am I looking to solve? What actions can I take based on the SEO ranking report? Authority Solutions™, leading Internet Marketing and SEO Company in Houston,TX, can help you leverage all your marketing efforts through intelligent rank reporting services.

The SEO experts of Authority Solutions™ aim to support you in making sustainable and actionable marketing decisions. The Authority Solutions™ team will provide SEO report in an easy-to-understand format that will help you understand significant trends in your marketing efforts.

If your primary goal is to be able to attribute search engine traffic gain or loss to your SEO processes to the changes in search engine algorithms, then you have every reason to regular SEO ranking reports, because that is the core to SEO. Ignoring historical ranking data when developing future SEO strategies can be hugely detrimental understanding how you should respond to algorithm changes.

To get your SEO rankings report, call the SEO experts at Authority Solutions™. To get started on improving your SEO standing and ranking today, choose to work with Houston’s trusted SEO and Internet Marketing company and stay ahead of the competition in the modern day business marketing.