How Can You Provide an Excellent Customer Journey with Your Website?

A smart, professional website owner or professional internet marketing agency wants to know at some point, “How can our website make customers want to come back for more?”. Authority Solutions™ is a full-service website design, development, management, and internet marketing company. They combine their internet marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), with their other website services to provide companies and marketing agencies with services they need to improve User Experience (UX).

The professional services of Authority Solutions™ will ensure that their marketing efforts fulfill, and even exceed, their objectives of the customer visiting the business website.

Entrepreneurs and other business owners that partner with a professional SEO company like Authority Solutions™ are always successful in providing excellent customer experience. SEO companies ensure that site visitors receive optimal experience when accessing the features of a business website. Service and product providers have become smarter in reaching out to their clients and potential customers. To stay ahead of the game, they invest into making their website accessible by visitors anywhere, anytime and in any device—an excellent website journey.

Where Does this Journey Begin?

Customers make businesses grow; therefore, attracting and pulling in the right kind of people will keep the business busy and the cash coming. But how do you attract, pull, and eventually convert?

Today, more and more businesses have brought their marketing efforts a notch higher. With the help of professional Internet marketing companies and SEO experts, successful businesses are now taking advantage of full-service website planning, design and development to build a website that attracts and pulls in the right audience, while providing excellent customer journey.

Excellent CEM includes SEO partly through detailed, consistently and quickly acquired customer segmentation before professional website customer journey mapping (CJM). A professionally made CJM will also include website customer touchpoint mapping. Mapping a customer’s journey helps companies and website owners to provide excellent optimal UX with their website. Great CEM services also incorporate data-driven experience management solutions and employee rewards for helping a company reach its goal of providing an excellent customer journey with the company’s website.

If a company is satisfied with the degree to which its professional website is continually achieving its goals, the company might think that it is already providing an excellent customer journey through its website. That company or marketing agency could consistently meet and exceed company goals, though, if it utilized professional customer experience management services, such as those offered by Authority Solutions™, to achieve an improved, excellent customer experience journey with their website.

Excellent Website UX Begins with an Excellent CEM

Excellent CEM includes SEO and is the single most important factor in your professional company providing an excellent customer website journey. Other factors matter greatly, such as other aspects of SEO, but none as much as great CEM.

A smart marketer knows that a good CEM plan should accomplish the following for a company, at a minimum:

  • Group similar types of company target customers into segmented group types, based on information such as demographics and preferences. Afterwards, create and monitor measurable statistics and data about visitor touch points.
  • Authority Solutions™ recommends using primarily data-driven, rather than instinct-driven, decision-making processes strategically and systematically to identify and provide what targeted customer segments need from the company website. The company’s professional website and SEO agency partner is especially important in this step, by making sure SEO site content is both readable and relevant to the customers’ search terms.
  • A customer journey map of each customer segment should be created by a professional internet marketing agency or full-service website agency, like Authority Solutions™, and should include a customer touchpoint map.
  • Companies should ensure that all employees are deeply familiar with the target customer segments, as well as with the type of experience the company wishes to provide for these customer types with their company website.

Segmenting Target Customer Groups for Excellent Customer Website Journey
Products and services of a company can consistently surpass a competitor agency simply not only by working with a great SEO company and internet marketing agency, but by simply gathering, analyzing, and utilizing customer data faster than others. A company can begin to do this on its own internally until it selects its website design and management partner. Surprisingly, few website marketers know as much as they should about potential and current website customers.

Not all customers want the same thing out of your website. How can you provide great UX with your website if you are targeting one large group of website visitors? Not all website visitors are the same or are looking for the same thing in visiting your website. Even a niche website can segment customers into groups.

Segmenting customers helps you to identify factors and features that affect user behavior. This process guides you to focus on channels and markets that are most profitable and most profitable customer types for various products or services their website offers. Contributing to providing an excellent customer website journey is just one of the many benefits of segmenting target customer groups. It is a vital part of CEM, but the specifics of it are a topic for another article.

Data-Driven Decision-making

Changing the factors on which your company bases website design decisions prior to website launch will also help you provide an excellent customer journey with your website. How can you provide an excellent customer journey with your website by changing your decision-making factors? Once you begin making more quantitative, data-driven decisions for your website, instead of qualitative, intuition-based decisions for your website, you will see your numbers soar.

Companies and agencies that use professionally-gathered, quantitative, data-driven decision-making and professional data-driven analytics in providing an excellent customer journey with their website consistently produce better results. Researching and analyzing the most successful professional websites with the highest website revenue goal achievements can also help you to answer the question of, “How can you provide an excellent customer journey with your website?”, because the most successful websites use this method.

Customer Journey Maps (CMJ)

In many ways, creating a website customer journey map will help you provide a more pleasant website experience. Website customer journey mapping is a method of visualizing what your visitors might be thinking and experiencing to accomplish what their objective was in visiting your website. Website journey maps utilize data from customer segmentation and interviews, testing, analytics, customer surveys, and support logs, among other things, and are usually presented in the form of a type of infographic and/or story. Website journey mapping helps you to understand your customers’ objectives and issues, helping you to provide that win-win excellent customer journey with your website.

Website touchpoint mapping is an integral part of website customer journey mapping, as website touchpoint mapping shows where your customer has an experience related to your product, whether you were directly involved in that experience or not. A good website touchpoint map is an integral part of the website journey mapping process.

CEM + SEO = Optimal UX

How can you provide an excellent customer journey with your website? The answer to this is to ensure that you have an excellent CEM plan in place, and that begins with choosing the right agency partner for your CEM and SEO marketing services. Authority Solutions™ is your full-service professional website company partner, ensuring you and your customers meet and exceed their goals.

Although other factors matter in providing a professional, excellent customer journey with your website, such as menu placement, background color, and online customer service availability, none matter more than great customer experience management. Contact Authority Solutions™ today with all of your customer journey website experience, professional website design and development, and professional SEO and other website marketing needs!