What Companies need SEO?

business people silhouette working meeting conference urban sceneWe repeatedly hear that to have success in business and attract more customers, you need SEO. Even though SEO has become the leading rule of online marketing, each industry needs to have a unique Internet marketing campaign that will lead their business to success. If you fit in the following list, then you definitely need SEO.


Startups face two problems that can jeopardize the launch of their brand, no visibility and limited funds. This means that startups cannot support extensive advertising. SEO can be a great solution. As long as your site is optimized and regular valuable content is published, you will gain visibility.

Professional services

Recent studies have shown that approximately 80 percent of consumers do prior online research before making a purchase. Consumers want to view your website and look at the services you offer as well as read reviews from other customers. If your site does not show up on search engine results, you may not be considered and you will remain invisible.

Specialized solutions

Companies that have products or services that meet a particular need benefit from SEO considerably. These types of firms are guided by distinct customer needs that give them unique possible search keywords related to their product alone. This is a good opportunity for SEO.

Online businesses

Companies that only have online stores mean their products are only marketable online using inbound and outbound strategies. If you want consumers to locate your product, your online presence has to be as strong as possible.

Companies in competitive markets

Companies that operate in highly competitive markets are a fit for SEO. In modern marketing, many of your competitors are using SEO and they are already getting benefits. If you are not using SEO then you are behind the competition.

Home repairs

Most contractors do not have a personalized brand and cannot sustain enhanced marketing campaigns. Home repairs need SEO solutions if they want to increase leads. People in need of repairs search for the closest local businesses, which is why contractors and plumbers should target more customers with local SEO.

Bars and restaurants

In the United States, one million restaurant locations were opened in the previous year. In order to become a staple restaurant in a community, a restaurant needs many returning customers. Customer reviews play an essential role in local bars and restaurants. An SEO strategy will help your restaurant gain more visibility.

Medical practitioners

Dentists and physicians offer locals services that people search for online. These professionals do not have personal branding but instead rely on reputation. Establishing a website with an SEO strategy in place can attract new clients.

Real Estate

People are constantly searching for apartments, houses and condominiums online or rather an agent to help them locate a home. SEO is important for both real estate agents and real estate companies.

The Mom and Pop shops

Mom and Pop shops have a lot of charm but in a modern economy filled with franchise brands and online stores; they are beginning to struggle and lack recognition. SEO is a viable solution to this predicament. With continuous commitment to customer service and online visibility on apps, such as Yelp, it will improve recognition.

To conclude, these businesses are not the only ones that are in need of a complete SEO strategy, but they will benefit more than other companies will. Investing in SEO is a marketing plan that will pay off. If you belong to any of the above named businesses and do not have a SEO strategy, contact Authority Solutions today and let us help you.