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We had our best year in 29 years, last year ending with 10x growth. Authority Solutions® was a major part in that. In the past 29 years, we have gotten pretty good at what we do, so when we had that growth a large part of that was because of Authority Solutions®.

Eric Standlee | Principal | Nationwide Funding Company

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Authority Solutions® brought customer care, and the ability to step into our shoes and understand the industry, and bring in clients that we probably would have never received. They really took the time to find out our every need, and setup marketing campaigns. We now have a #1 ranking on Google.

Cary Alva | Owner | Credit Repair Company

Dr. Brian Harkins
Robotic Surgeon
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I have lost count of the number of new patients and colleagues who have provided me unsolicited feedback about how much they like my new website. The SEO results have been even more impactful to my practice.
Crossroads Ibogaine
Treatment Center
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Authority Solutions® delivered amazing results for our company. Last year we were struggling to stay on the first page of Google...and now we rank #1 on the majority of search keywords in our industry.
Alexis Meadows
Photo Company
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I started to see results within WEEKs of working with Authority Solutions® on my SEO and website optimization! Not only did I see measurable results, Authority Solutions® made the information easy to understand and thoroughly and diligently answered all of my SEO questions. The process was simple, fast, and got results!
TLC Outdoor Living
Swimming Pool Contractor
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Authority Solutions® efforts have successfully increased leads and driven online visibility. The team is organized and honest, showcasing a commitment to standout customer service. They lean on extensive knowledge of best practices and deliver ideal results.
American Prudential Capitol
Nationwide Funding Company
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Search rankings have improved dramatically since the engagement began. Authority Solutions® corrects problems quickly and respond equally as promptly to other concerns. They also offer useful tactical advice that is subsequently implemented.

Take your Atlanta business to the

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Internet Marketing & SEO with Integrity.

Atlanta Internet Marketing

When potential customers search for a solution or product like what you provide, it’s important for your brand to show up at the top of their search results in Atlanta, TX. Adding SEO to your marketing strategy is crucial in your online visibility.

Your website is the central component of your online presence in Atlanta, TX and its design can either make or break your online marketing campaign. Our web development experts can design a website that is optimized to convert visitors into customers.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the quickest strategies for driving more prospects to your business. Quickly grow your reach and get your message in front of people who are searching for the products or services you are offering in Atlanta, TX.

Authority Solutions®

Continually Recognized For Excellence

Authority Solutions®

It’s crucial for your business to have a solid website and digital marketing strategy that includes PPC and SEO actions so your company can be discovered when people are searching for a product or service like what you offer. Authority Solutions® strives to achieve the quickest possible ROI for you by implementing proven digital marketing strategies for your brand in Atlanta, TX.

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Atlanta SEO

Every day the Internet and technology are evolving in some way, shape or form and as they keep evolving, so should businesses, products, and services. Search engine optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. When thinking about expanding, marketing or branding, the importance of implementing SEO in Atlanta, having it and doing it correctly, cannot be overlooked. It is not just important for information and products to be easily found; it is equally essential for it to be easily understood. Authority Solutions®, the best 

Atlanta SEO company

, helps you to control your digital presence, be found AND understood.

Listed as one of the best search engine optimization services companies in Atlanta, Authority Solutions® is a team of 

Atlanta SEO experts

 who have experience keeping up with the ever-changing trends and science involved in maintaining a high digital presence. Marketing services consist of much more than flyers and ads on Facebook; 

Atlanta SEO services

 put companies and businesses in the best position to keep and maintain an influx of customers coming to their businesses. It is extremely challenging trying to run a business while attempting to manage the necessary behind-the-scenes aspects of search engine optimization, such as managing all of the ever-changing strategies, processes and procedures required to succeed in the online search results.

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Search Engine Optimization FAQ'S

Atlanta Web Design

A successful website design is more than just the aesthetics that draw in guests and potential customers. It is also the content that keeps customers reading, clicking and scrolling through the site. It is also the behind-the-scenes network of codes, layouts, fonts, and hosting. It is an experience for guests, customers, potential customers, and browsers. Teaming up with a 

Atlanta web design company

 with strengths in not only web design, but SEO and PPC as well, is a smart strategy for bringing in customers the business needs and wants.

During your initial consultation with Authority Solutions®, we take a look at your company’s current footprint on the Internet: its reputation, keywords, Google ranking, etc. We check to see if the content that has been created is organic, fits your brand and image, and speaks to your customer base. In order for us to exceed your every expectation, you must work with a highly skilled and effective 

web designer in Atlanta

, to produce a website that performs like your very best salesperson.

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Web Design FAQ'S

ppc advertising, ppc services, ppc marketing, ppc management services, best ppc management

Atlanta PPC

You need new clients and you need them now! Proper management of Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get visitors and generate leads. How will you implement PPC to help you grow your business? Authority Solutions® is a 

Atlanta PPC marketing company

 that will do the job for you!

PPC advertising is one of the quickest strategies for bringing more prospects to your company. However, this strategy can be financially risky without the proper and ongoing management of these 

Atlanta PPC Services

. Your company could spend a fortune and draw some traffic, but eventually, gain nothing at the end of the day. Partner with professionals like Authority Solutions® that provides effective PPC for companies just like yours.

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Pay-Per-Click FAQ'S

Take your Atlanta business to the

next level.

Internet Marketing & SEO with Integrity.


About Authority Solutions®

“Our main goal is for you to make more money than we do.” Co-Founder Mitchell From

Authority Solutions® is an advanced digital marketing agency providing internet marketing services while bringing integrity to the field of SEO. It quickly earned its reputation as a leading SEO company by consistently demonstrating superior strategies that achieve genuine results. In fact, after applying their exclusive SEO strategy to their own business, they were able to reach top search engine rankings in an unprecedented amount of time. 

With methods verified as being tested in clean environments and by achieving proven positive rankings time and time again, Authority Solutions® demonstrates that its reputation for forward-thinking and successful navigation of an ever-changing Marketing landscape is founded on results rather than hype.

Authority Solutions

Are you concerned about today’s Marketing landscape? You may have noticed it looks much different than it did years ago and that it continues to change. This continual change leaves businesses in a precarious spot. It opens the gate for a multitude of ill-informed “gurus” who are leading their clients in the wrong direction. Or even worse, businesses could find themselves unknowingly applying unethical tactics that will end up hurting them in many ways. It also leaves them vulnerable to scam artists who prey on busy or unknowing businesses.  It is this injustice that inspired the founders of Authority Solutions®, Mitchel From and Jose Ponce Jr., to join forces and create a Digital Marketing agency that could be the trusted and proven place where businesses could turn to for help and answers to their SEO needs.

Teaming with Authority Solutions® means you are teaming up with one of the most trusted and proven SEO teams. Its proprietary SEO system combines their team’s extensive knowledge and passion for Digital Marketing and SEO with their Business Operations knowledge to deliver you proven methods that go beyond “Best Practices.” Their experiences in social media, web design, digital ad campaigns and overall business operations afford them the ability to fully grasp the intricacies of your business and its customers, which allows them to craft a more educated, highly-targeted and deliberate approach for your SEO needs.

What to Expect:

Want Online Success for Your Business?

Having a website in today’s online landscape is essential. A majority of consumers search for a business online when looking to make a purchase. If your business doesn’t have a website that can be found online, it could cost you some serious revenue. It doesn’t matter how excellent your services or products are if no one knows you exist. Don’t risk being invisible to potential customers. As an SEO expert in the industry, Authority Solutions® has the SEO professionals on staff and the experience as a data-driven SEO company, to keep you ahead of your competition. If you choose to boost your sales as you come online or start a long-term SEO campaign, then Pay-Per-Click (PPC) could be a viable option for you. PPC advertising is a way of buying visits to your website instead of trying to attract visitors organically. PPC requires a very specific strategy and skill set for implementing the right messaging, creative, audience targeting and budget optimization to maximize the reach while minimizing the overall expenditures. While any business can try and execute its own Internet marketing campaign, doing so poorly can end up costing that business way more money that they would have spent working with a professional. Not only could you lose money but you could end up losing out on a lot of missed revenue. Partner with a digital marketing agency that offers the Internet marketing services you require. Partner with an agency that brings integrity to the space of Internet marketing and SEO. Partner with Authority Solutions®.