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Your Competition Is Being Seen On Social Media. Are You?

Social media is a fantastic avenue to directly reach your followers, but not having a strong social media presence can result in you receiving absolutely no visibility and no following—the opposite of what you want. It is increasingly important for your brand to leave a positive impression on social media. Authority Solutions® has the background and knowhow to ensure your social media has maximum impact and reach. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then let’s start with a conversation. Take a moment to provide us with some basic information and we can start the process today!

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Authority Solutions® is exceptional at what they do. I reached out to Jose after finding Authority Solutions® through a Google search and seeing excellent reviews. I explained my issues to them, which included problems with my website as well as SEO issues. Authority Solutions® jumped right in and took care of my technical issues that evening.

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Manage Your Social Media Presence

What Is Social Media Management?

Atlanta-based Social Media Management, otherwise known as Atlanta SMM, is the process of managing the content that flows out through social media sites such as: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Taking advantage of the social media aspect of the Internet, properly managing your social media presence can connect and interact on a more personalized and dynamic level with your audience than when compared to traditional marketing. You can use simpler social media management strategies like prompting people to engage on Facebook or Twitter or on a company blog. You can attach phrases like “Tweet This” or “Share This” to guide users at the end of your blog articles. But there are also complicated but effective strategies for a full campaign that include potentially viral videos through YouTube, social networking, blogs, and Twitter.

Social media gives you an avenue to tell your story. It also provides a place where you can actively interact with your clients and allow them to interact with each other. If your social media content is valuable, interesting and engaging, your clients will spread it by sharing it with friends and family so others can learn about your business. It could go viral with very little effort from you. Twitter is a great place. When you share exciting and timely posts on Twitter, this will significantly grow the number of your followers who will eventually become your brand ambassadors. Social media content is not only limited to readable text. We cannot deny the fact that many audiences are not so fond of reading to learn so they usually skip long articles. That is why business owners and executives in Atlanta have to be creative and come up with social media management strategies to reach out to this kind of audience. One of the most effective social media platforms you can use to do this is Instagram and YouTube. It is often time-consuming and expensive, but these platforms that focus on images and videos can easily become the centerpiece of your larger social media campaign. It is a great way to interact with your customers. You can involve them with your products or services by engaging them with your social media management campaign. Customer interaction is the core of social media and the cornerstone for building an effective social media strategy. The more social media interactions with your customers, the more you build brand loyalty.

Authority Solutions® Social Media Management Services

We at Authority Solutions® in Atlanta understand that your social media goal is to reach as many people in your audience as possible and ours is to provide you with services that will help you achieve this goal. With the emergence of different social media platforms and the way netizens embrace these developments in the industry, businesses and entrepreneurs have to become more aggressive and be risk takers when reaching out to their audiences using these platforms. Being a 

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, we uniquely-tailor our services to effectively address the needs of our clients and of our clients’ clients. We will manage your social media accounts, content planning, content generation and blogger outreach on platforms that best fit your business to attract new customers and engage your current followers.

Here is what Authority Solutions® can do to grow your brand:

  • We will employ strategies that will surely grow your audience and followers in different social media sites and guide brand awareness. Growing your followers on social media helps increase digital referrals and word of mouth referrals. With our social media services, we will guide you to pull in the right kind of audience and match your followers with the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your typical clients.
  • We will help you build relationships. Through engaging and interesting content, you will be able to establish a strong connection with the target audience that is most likely to convert into customers. Likes, comments, and shares will be effectively maximized for you to attain the number you wish to learn about you. The more social media engagement, the stronger your connection will be with your audience.
  • Increase Traffic to your Website. Increasing website exposure will directly influence leads and sales.
  • Our team of Atlanta social media experts will manage your social media accounts on your behalf to engage with your audience.
  • Setup and Custom Profile Design – Our designers will create hand tailored social media profile artwork. On top of providing engaging content, we will provide aesthetically pleasing visuals throughout the campaign. We believe that aesthetics plays an important role as it can resonate with your brand and audience.
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What's Your Message On Social Media?

Your customers and your competitors are already on social media. More than two billion people all over the world are active social media users. Even business owners, CEOs, and decision-makers in Atlanta spend a great deal of time on social media. Yet, many business owners find social media overwhelming or frustrating. Many also don’t even know where to start, and a business’ social media presence can either negatively or positively influence how customers feel about it. Thus, it’s more important now than ever before to properly plan, create and execute a strategy of 

social media management services in Atlanta

 that will increase your reach, engage with your audience and be a positive contribution to your marketing efforts. Hiring a social media management company such as Authority Solutions®, to manage your social media presence, will remove the burden and allow you to get back to growing your business.

social media marketing, social media management services

Social Media Management FAQ'S

Social Media Management is the method of managing an individual or businesses online presence on social media platforms and business directories by publishing, content posted. Additionally, social media management includes interacting with users across your social media accounts.

The most obvious answer to this is that your potential customers are online, daily! Potential customers want to see content from the brands they are looking to purchase from, and are usually receptive of messages presented in these channels, in conjunction with PPC advertising.

  • Create a social media content strategy
  • Leverage social media management software
  • Create a calendar that lays out your content posting schedule
  • Engage, engage, engage with you audience!
  • Analyze and improve on your strategy
  1. Focus on creating quality, engaging content
  2. Analyze your data to find the right times, and audiences to target for increased engagement
  3. Have your own voice, that speaks to your brand
  4. Leverage online scheduling tools to save time
  5. Use social media analytics to track engagement