How Important is SEO in Digital Marketing?

digital marketing word cloud, business conceptSearch engine optimization or SEO is becoming one of the most effective tools in digital marketing. Digital marketing involves the promotion of products or services using digital platforms and devices run by the Internet. Digitization has spread through mobile devices, where banking, purchasing, watching, and surfing can be done.

SEO is a process for a web page to be visible in a search engine’s results. Search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google are the primary engines, where web pages, addresses, and relevant links are displayed and ranked based on what these search engines consider mostly relevant to users. This is more known as Google ranking. As an integral part of Internet marketing or digital marketing, SEO is here to stay.

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

In the later part of the 1990s when SEO’s full potential has not been discovered yet, businesses still adopted the traditional marketing even if it is costly, risky, and yielded unknown results. Traditional marketing involves direct selling, direct mail, door to door, distribution of flyers, banners, posters, and printed and broadcasted ads that cost thousands of dollars with no sure return. The lapses and wastes in traditional marketing caused this platform to fail in a way that new strategies are being founded, hence, digital marketing.

Thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web for paving the way for more advanced schemes and desirable advertising approaches. Through them, digital marketing became the solid platform for new marketing strategies that people would love.

SEO Adopts the “Pull” Theory

Every business needs a boost. In any business, making quick cash is always something to smile for. But the quick results are sometimes scary, since they may soon fade. The faster they come, the quicker they go—this is NOT what SEO does. SEO optimizes your website so that it will rank in Google’s search terms. The results may be slow but those rankings are important from day to day because the online presence of your website is increasing. With such reputation built on branding awareness, people will slowly be transformed into customers if they discover that your website is as reliable as it should be, and then these web visits become sales. It may be a long-term process, yes, but the potential is unlimited.

SEO is a highly viable marketing strategy because with the correct search terms, it can drive people to your site and subtly pulls them to patronize your business, and then profits will pour in. SEO experts use SEO as spider crawlers that slowly creep and analyze users’ needs and wants. Having the power to do so, SEO can manipulate its strategy to use links, keywords, backlinks, and authoritative sites with quality content and related blogs to lead the users to your page.

Take advantage of the bright future of SEO. It is through search engines where people look for reliable information regarding any industry. All other forms of Internet marketing are viable, yet SEO’s potential in its long-term impact on businesses is unparalleled.

To further understand digital marketing and the role of SEO in its longevity, Authority Solutions™ will guide you through. We have a team of SEO experts in building your branding awareness among Internet users and we have a reputation of helping businesses achieve their dreams.

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