Search engine optimization or SEO is an online marketing strategy that helps increase the traffic of a website through free clicks or “organic” search results. If you currently have a website and you have no idea what SEO is and what it does, then your business could be out of the competition by now. If you want success in your business, then SEO must be on top of your 2020 checklist.

While everybody is going gaga over website ranking, outwitting traditional advertising approaches that cost them millions of dollars, SEO is genuinely about the quantity and quality of web visitors. To understand this further, anyone who goes online and makes a query using search engines like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and similar platforms uses specific keywords to find the product or service they are looking for. Keywords are the most crucial ingredient in yielding traffic. For example, all sorts of topics pertaining to “apple” will come out unless you type in a more specific string of words like “apple computers” or more appropriately key in “Apple computers,” before really getting what a web user is looking for.

Understanding user behavior is one way to identify the set of keywords your target audience uses in a search. When these keywords are properly used across your website content, Google will correctly index your website, thus placing your page on Google’s top list of results on page 1.

What is wrong with your website?

You have been prepping up enough to launch your site and your business. You even had your staff write highly engaging content, and you are up on your sleeves to receive the rating for a good race. But when all else fails, what is there to do? What do you think are the things you are doing wrong all this time just because you do not receive enough traffic where leads could turn into sales?

The science behind doing SEO involves a lot of things. It can be more complicated than you can imagine. The reason why your ranking is failing is due to a variety of poor strategies and common competition in the market. Here, we mainly refer to useful links, content relevance, and highly engaging design that will hook your web visitors and convert them into customers.

The culprits

To beat the tight competition, you need to figure out what has been messing up or lacking in your strategy. These could be the culprits, but these could also be the solutions to fix your web ranking. Give your website a boost with proven SEO techniques.

  1. Tight competition—It is essential to be on the loop on the current SEO trends of digital marketing. Learn what others are doing, and do not dip your feet into what big competitors have been doing in the industry for long. Take for example the “apple” keyword, it may at least give you some hint.
  2. On-page SEO—Page titles, keyword density, and image tags are crucial in helping Google determine the relevance of your website. You might be doing poor on-page optimization which is why your website is not ranking on Google.
  3. Irrelevant content—Though it may seem foolish for web owners to put irrelevant content on their sites, being irrelevant may also refer to misaligned content. If you want to rank up on Google and win over your rivals, be sure to have quality and useful content, well thought of, and well-written for the benefit of your web visitors.

Overnight SEO is not a guarantee for a higher web ranking, as there is no quick solution to everything. It is essential to assess your website and hire SEO specialists who can help you get on top of Google, as this is the only way to guarantee your online success. At Authority Solutions®, ®your website will not stagnate and your dream spot will be achieved with the right SEO campaign and technique.