How Can SEO Affect Your Google Ranking?

Search engine optimization or SEO is an online marketing process that employs different techniques to improve user experience. From here on and thereafter, SEO is constantly changing its algorithms as many times as necessary within a year to get the most from page rankings. Working along with Google and other search engines, an SEO expert should have identified the strategies and factors affecting the ranking of your website. Since the trend in SEO is constantly going forward or evolving, SEO experts should keep abreast with the times.

As strategies and competition are continually getting tight, maintaining the ranking seems to be a difficult goal. Still, since majority of the online businesses adapt to SEO, they care so much to stay in the front page of Google. They know how important rankings on both ends, where users will be encouraged to seek your website and your website will receive more traffic.

How to Keep Going

Getting in the front page of Google will give your page chances to be visited by users. However, In Google results, the links that get the most clicks are the first four or five results. So if you are not one of these first few links, your chances are not as high as those on top. Yes, it is a very tight competition, as being on the first page is not actually a guarantee of expected web traffic, improved ranking is.

To go up higher in the ladder of SEO competition through improved rankings, what are the best ways to adopt?

Know Your Audience

Remember that the real objective of aiming for a top rank is to invite visitors to your site and convert them into customers. Some SEO tactics are using black hat SEO. If your SEO company utilizes practices that violate search engines’ agreement and terms of service, it qualifies as a black hat SEO. Black hat SEO focuses on gaining page ranks but not on real audience. This strategy could pose as false keywords and non-quality content.

It is true that keywords, whether short or long tail, are fundamental in any website’s content since this is one strategy where SEO works. And since Google works hard to find those “relevant” pages to cater to relative users, it is also crucial that you have something good to offer in your page. You do not want to disappoint these users, and as much as possible, you want them to stay on your page until they patronize your product or service. With contents that are written with quality and that meet the users’ query, your page will rank up.

When customers get satisfied with what they found on your page, most likely they will encourage others to visit your site. Satisfied customers have ways to engage other people to like your page and begin exploring more relevant contents. Sharing the page on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, your website will get a better chance of being found, so make sure you have those share buttons either at the top or bottom of your page.

To know more about SEO strategies, your reliable SEO expert will find a way to improve your Google ranking and increase your web traffic. Authority Solutions™ has a set of tools and techniques to get you on top. Call us now and we will start with the SEO race.