How Can My Website Get Google Top Rankings?

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Research shows that the best SEO company websites landing on the first page of Google after a search receive 95 percent of the traffic on the web. Therefore, the best SEO company and other companies are racing to have their websites rank highly in Google in order to boost visibility and establish branding. Google is constantly revising the algorithms that it uses to rank websites so that it can improve the quality of search results. A top concern for Google is to deliver results that are relevant to customer needs and are delivered in a timely fashion.

Search Engine Optimization plays a big part in how websites rank in Google. This is because search engine optimization is the primary way through which a business can design its content to become relevant and easily discoverable by its target audience. There are several ways through which a company can increase its Google rankings. To be successful, the business will need to devote enough resources, infuse creativity, and have the dedication required to optimize their website for HIGH SEO RANKING..


Understand how Google ranks websites

The reality is that Google is constantly changing the algorithm that it uses to rank websites. In fact, there could be as many as 600 changes to Google’s algorithm in any particular year. This is why it is necessary for an SEO company to be aware of key updates that Google makes to its algorithm.

While indeed it can be challenging to know the exact criteria that Google uses to rank websites, significant updates such as the mobile friendly update in 2015 and the integration of local search results (that was implemented in 2014) are important for businesses to be aware of. This will enable them to adapt to these changes with the help of the best SEO company to help optimize their online platforms accordingly.

Create unique and relevant content

One of the best ways of immediately increasing your Google rankings is by creating unique and relevant search engine optimization content on a regular basis. Indeed, Google values fresh, unique, and engaging content regarding your specific products and services. You can start by redesigning your website to contain compelling content regarding your company, as well as the business and its operations. The content should be SEO optimized using the right keywords and phrases, which will enable your customers to easily find your website when they come looking.

A good strategy is to develop a blog where the business can post at least two new pieces of content (or more) every week. Google searches often favor newer and more relevant material in their algorithms. The more unique and engaging your content is, the higher your ranking will be on Google. You can work with the best SEO company to develop the right content for your online platforms.

Add mobile accessibility

Websites that rank highly on Google are also easily accessible from mobile devices. Indeed, 60 percent of searches are done from mobile devices. With smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets becoming more convenient to use, businesses have to optimize their online platforms for mobile viewing in order to increase traffic and improve their Google ranking.

Businesses should work closely with Search Engine Optimization companies in order to redesign their sites for mobile viewing. Websites that are built for CMS platforms can also add mobile plugins to become flexible and responsive from mobile devices.

Keep track of the right Metrics

To track the success of your company metrics, your business will need to determine the factors that directly affect its Google rankings. Some of the most important metrics include organic and inorganic traffic as well as keyword ranking. Two of the main capabilities of an SEO company is to retrieve and interpret data with regard the performance of a business. This means that they can compare how much traffic your business is receiving from organic sources so they can closely track the effectiveness of their new Search Engine Optimization campaign. Organic traffic has been shown to drive 51 percent of both B2B and B2C website visitors.

A big part of organic traffic comes from using the right keywords. Businesses should identify the right commercial keywords to use that will improve their rankings. Examples of commercial keywords include “best smartphones 2018” or “top web content providers”. Such keywords (long tail keywords in this matter) and their phrases tend to be used by people who are almost ready to make a purchase.

In addition, informational keywords such as “how to install a new operating system” or “how to fix a blocked drain” can attract customers who are a bit further from making a purchase but will view a business’s website as a top and reliable resource. By the help of SEO experts who will properly track the traffic generated by your specific keywords, you can modify them accordingly and boost their rankings.

Using Backlinks

Websites that have a lot of links that redirect back to them tend to rank higher on Google search results. Commonly referred to as backlinks, these links direct traffic back to your website from other online platforms. The more backlinks your company has leading to your site, the higher the priority that Google’s search engine algorithm will give to your webpages.

To get the best results out of backlinks, an SEO company can analyze the type of link building strategy that your competitors are using and make strategic improvements. This means using the right type of anchor texts for establishing links, as well as using the right third-party search engine optimization websites that will link back to your target platforms.

Add more SERP features

Most of the top results in a Google search are based on critical SERP features. SERP (Search Engine Results Page) refers to website pages that include content that is relevant to the search being conducted, as well as relevant title tags, metadata, and snippets of the content on that particular website.

To increase your company rankings on Google, make sure your SERP content is relevant to the information on the page. This means modifying your title tags and metadata to apply specifically to the keywords on a particular webpage. This will make it easier for Google’s algorithm to match the content on your site with the keywords and phrases that are being searched.

In addition, you should design your search engine optimization website content in a manner that answers or addresses common concerns among your target audience. Your business can think about the common questions that customers may ask and develop strategic landing pages that answer these questions.

Incorporate a secure SSL connection

To increase your Google ranking, your best SEO company should make sure its online platforms have an HTTPS encryption. Indeed, Google Chrome’s website browser has started flagging search engine optimization websites without an SSL encryption as potentially being unsafe. Your target audience is also increasingly aware of websites that are not safe to visit due to the risks of cyber attacks.

By ensuring your business has an HTTPS web address with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection, you can improve how highly you rank on Google and the likelihood that customers will click on your website link.

Use relevant website titles for each page

When someone carries out a Google search, they receive results as links to individual web pages with specific titles. If the title tag is not relevant to the content being searched for or is not enticing to potential traffic, your webpage may not rank highly or be desirable to click on. Title tags should contain the main keyword phrase that relates to the information being searched for by your target audience.

Having a robust Search Engine Optimization strategy is the key to ranking highly on Google search results. It is important for businesses to work with the best SEO Company in order to rank higher on searches and boost the visibility of their company.