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Without Targeted Traffic & Conversions, Sales Suffer

Customers are searching for what you’re selling. If you’re not on the first results page, the likelihood they’ll buy from you is almost zero. When people search for your products, they should land on your product pages and not your homepage if you hope to convert visitors into customers. Authority Solutions® has the knowledge you need to drive quality customers to the right pages on your site to increase your sales. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then let’s start with a conversation. Take a moment to provide us with some basic information and we can start the process today!

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Authority Solutions® is not only extremely detail oriented, they are also obsessed with getting incredible tangible results. I’ve witnessed them give clients above and beyond what they were looking for and literally help turn their businesses around very quickly.

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SEO for ECommerce Will Boost Sales

Skilled Ecommerce SEO Experts Can Help

If your online business is dependent upon you getting found online, Authority Solutions® is confident that your next logical step would be to move forward with a skilled expert in SEO for Ecommerce. Your next question would probably be, “Can an Ecommerce SEO specialist really help me increase sales?” We at the Authority Solutions® are here to guide Cleveland business owners of Ecommerce sites, to success. We do this by increasing their web traffic, lead generation and ultimately the number of profitable transactions they make through our Ecommerce SEO solutions.

Authority Solutions® has helped Ecommerce clients achieve top rankings and in turn, see increased profits. We are one of the top Ecommerce SEO companies in not only Cleveland, but across the country and have guided other Ecommerce professionals, just like you, in a variety of advertising and SEO-related areas. We assist with increasing web traffic, generating more leads, and converting more visitors into clients. By using our proven combined services comprised of SEO solutions, we can establish your professional Ecommerce online presence and your Ecommerce brand, as well as drive potential clients to your website. However, our services do not just stop there, we have more to offer. Authority Solutions® also specializes in additional ways to convert visitors into quality paying clients, by increasing your conversion rate so you can generate more Ecommerce sales from existing traffic.

  • If you’ve opted to build your online store on the WordPress WooCommerce platform, you need “WooCommerce SEO” services. 

    SEO for WooCommerce

     is the service that will help you take full advantage of everything that WordPress allows when it comes to on-page optimization. This is a huge advantage over having your store on Shopify or Amazon.

  • If you’ve built your online store on the Shopify platform, you need “

    Shopify SEO

    ” services. SEO for Shopify is specialized because the Shopify platform is limited in what you can do with on-page optimization and you have to know exactly how to overcome those limitations.

  • If you weren’t sure how to build out your own website or even struggled with configuring Shopify to suit your needs, you probably went the route of Amazon and need “Amazon SEO” services. SEO for Amazon is a very niched aspect of SEO because, like Shopify, you are on their platform with their limitation. Knowing how to get the best optimization and results out of your Amazon store and pages is what an SEO expert is there to do for you.

Using the combination of skills of our highly qualified marketing specialists, we can choose the best keywords, the appropriate content that is fully optimized for search engine ranking and the best marketing strategy designed specifically for your Ecommerce website regardless what platform you have chosen. We utilize our skills to drive the right kind of people to your website that will produce results for your business. This means increased revenues for your Cleveland-based company.

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Want More Online Customers & Sales?

Your Ecommerce business relies on having a solid digital presence and one that shows up. Because you don’t have a physical location in Cleveland or anywhere else for that matter, it’s imperative that you show up in their digital searches. Having the right digital marketing strategy and Ecommerce SEO plan in place can ensure that customers can find you when they search for the products you sell. Stop being limited by your PPC budget that only allows you to get as much site traffic as is in your budget. Utilize SEO for Ecommerce so you’re ranking 24/7/365 with the opportunity to gain an unlimited amount of visitors and significantly more transactions. You need an SEO partner that knows SEO for Ecommerce. Authority Solutions® is that partner.

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ECommerce SEO FAQ'S

The competition online for ECommerce is fierce, and the importance of an SEO campaign is important as ever. From helping customers locate you online, making their purchases seamless on mobile devices, to being cost effective, there are several reasons to engage in an SEO campaign for ECommerce websites.  

According to Google, about 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, if you want to capture those customers, engaging in an SEO campaign for your ECommerce business is crucial. Aside from App Store Optimization, website SEO is important for apps to increase user downloads across iOS and Android. 

ECommerce SEO is the method of making sure your online store is visible to potential consumers and visible to the search engines. When consumers search for your products online, you want to have your page rank as high as possible to get qualified leads to your store. 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a methodical, measurable approach to increasing a websites visibility and ranking to search engines like Google. 

ECommerce services in 2020 give your business the technical, and professional SEO services needed for your website to rank, and increase your revenue online. These services, in comparison to traditional SEO services, focus on ECommerce specific lead generation tools, like product markup and promotions, to increase your online engagement and visibility in search results.