What are the benefits of SEO?

internet search concept - portrait of young man thinking about something over white backgroundThe saying beauty is not just on the outside but also on the inside, rings true in online marketing. Having an aesthetically pleasing website does not secure you to generate conversions for your website but with an effective result-oriented Internet marketing campaign, you can land on the top spot of search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the inside job of online marketing and is a critical component to increasing your website’s traffic.  

It helps your thriving company to be known globally and locally. If your SEO is not on the par, you will be buried behind hundreds and thousands of relevant pages and obviously, you would not want that. So exactly how can your business benefit from SEO?

  • SEO increases your company’s visibility.

Do you know how many websites are there on the web? There are estimated 250 million websites out there. How can you possibly rank high above your competitors? The only solution is SEO. SEO helps your website stand out from the rest.

A study says that there are 60 to 70 percent of clicks on the first page and only a few people go to the 10th page to look for relevant websites. Securing your website a spot on the top page of the search engine is vital in making your sales go through the roof.

  • SEO increases brand recognition and attributions.

Customers are skeptical of websites that are further back in the ranking. If you want to make your brand more credible, you have to stay on top! By well-planned  and targeted SEO strategies, your services, products, or advocacy will reach out thousands of people around the globe. If they see your page on top, you will be the first company they will contact.  

Attribution is the number of times the clients see your brand. The more they see your brand, the  more likely they purchase your products or services.

  • SEO is never too costly!

The great news about SEO is that it is a reasonable investment. You do not need to pay for Pay Per Click advertisements because you will have 24/7 promotion when you rank high. The only cost you will have is to hire the best SEO company to do the work for you.

  • SEO is the wisest investment for your company.

SEO is a great investment with a high return. The tags that you use for your website is your link to your potential customers. SEO is one of the most effective ways of attracting targeted audiences who are interested in companies like yours.

  • SEO can multiply your sales.

According to the WebVisible/Nielsen study in 2008, 86 percent of consumers search online to buy products offline. Customers are looking for a brick and mortar store online so they can personally buy locally. Giving your customers both offline and online options to purchase your products and services will surely multiply your sales.

Do-it-yourself or hiring the best SEO company?

There is no doubt that anyone can do SEO. But, you also have to keep in mind that it will entail you to work more hours on top of your busy schedule. For business owners, CEO and managers, you would like to be wiser with where you put your time and effort. You could profit more by hiring the best SEO company to do it for you and make more use of your time by expanding your business. Authority Solutions™ provides excellent SEO services to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect with customers, and increase your sales. Contact us today and start ranking!