Costly Decisions Are Made Without Proper Reporting

Knowing the effectiveness of your Internet marketing campaign is imperative to making good business decisions. You must have good reporting available to you to determine what works. Authority Solutions® provides reporting of how your company is ranking in the search engines, how your campaigns are performing & conversion tracking. We provide measurable data so you can make informed business decisions. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then let’s start with a conversation. Take a moment to provide us with some basic information and we can start the process today!

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 There is no way I would be where I am now if I wasn’t introduced to Authority Solutions®. They have helped me gain a better understanding of what SEO domination truly means. I appreciate what Authority Solutions® have been able to help me accomplish, and don’t know where I’d be if I would have never worked with them.

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Valid Data Leads to informed Decisions

Reporting & Analytics - Data Segmentation

Breaking Down Your Analytics – This function, which entails sectioning off your analytics data into separate sets of information, can help you drill down and find out what’s working best for you in Houston. Whether this is social media, SEO, video marketing or any of the other available analytics data, you can better see where to focus the bulk of your efforts. A qualified SEO partner in Houston can help you create custom segmentation and goals in order to identify top performers in any specific service.

One area that is highly valuable is finding out where people are going and what they are doing when they click through to your website. There are number of key questions and things to consider when tracking user behavior and their flow through your website:

  • What are your top performing pages where people are landing from an organic result or from a paid ad?
  • Was the action a click-through to another page on your site, or was it to download something that you are offering?
  • Are users digesting content, moving through the site, taking action or just bouncing away after a quick visit to a page?

The above questions help to determine what the users are doing and whether they are contributing to your bottom line with a conversion or hurting your overall SEO campaign by increasing your bounce rate. A bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who navigate away from a site after viewing only one page.

Hit the Target – Setting Trackable Goals in Analytics

If you really want to super-charge your 

reporting & analytics  in Houston

, you should implement goals (sometimes called macro goals) to help you keep track of any activity conducive to lead generation. In particular, if you run an e-commerce website, this can entail any and all activities that lead directly to a purchase. The concept of macro goals covers activities that may start elsewhere along with the sales funnel; then, there exists software that can calculate percentages related to how often or how effectively these series of events eventually lead to a sale.

You might come across a lot of related jargon to describe the various ways you can track conversions, revenue, marketing effectiveness, and other important factors. A capable SEO company like Authority Solutions® has experts on staff that implement reporting and analytics for each and every client in Houston. Determining what goals and conversions to measure is also something that we can implement with your direction. Tracking these goals and conversions utilizes 

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 in a way that you can now make informed business decisions as your Internet marketing brings more success and your business in Houston, grows.

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Want to Know What Numbers Matter & What they Mean?

Because of the numerous aspects included in digital marketing, a very generous amount of analytics is available. Without running analytics and reports, and understanding how to analyze them, businesses can’t fully determine what is or isn’t working in their marketing campaigns. Companies who don’t take advantage of the ability to analyze campaigns are potentially wasting a lot of money and could be stunting their company’s potential growth. Yet many business owners find it overwhelming to analyze the data or are confused about what data actually matters. Hiring a professional who knows which key point indicators matter and how to analyze the data can ensure that your marketing efforts are being effective in contributing to audience growth and increasing your conversions.

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Reporting & Analytics FAQ'S

There are multiple methods and tools to track your SEO efforts. Google Analytics is an excellent starting resource, and used by many as it has some of the most technologically advanced metrics, and is managed by Google – the number one search engine on the internet. As a best practice, SEO monitoring should be an ongoing process so that modifications to your campaign can be made to increase conversions and leads.

A SEO analysis is a set of measurable data with details on how a website can improve to increase their rankings on the most important search engines. The analysis evaluates duplicate content, inbound and outbound links, and the XML sitemap, which is important for Google to be able to properly index a website.

SEO tools analyze web pages to gather information on where they might rank in search engines. The information gleaned can give insight on backlinks, usage of keywords, as well as information on competitors in the specified SEO space.

Definitely! Google Analytics provides great insight into your business data that can be used to analyze and improve SEO performance.

  1. Leverage Google Analytics to track metrics
  2. Monitor and improve usage of specific keywords
  3. Identify what percentage of traffic to your website is organic
  4. Monitor user behavior to your website
  5. Review your organic traffic leads and web pages
  6. Monitor and track conversions

Search Engine Optimization KPI’s are metics used to determine the performance of website traffic and conversions. An analysis of this can help you tweak top performing pages, keywords, and areas of your website that could benefit from better optimization to meet your goals.