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In this day and age, businesses need a digital advertising and online marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization, or they’ll be left behind. Most companies just can’t keep up with new trends and tactics required to stay relevant. Your brand needs a multi-faceted plan to rise in the ranks. Authority Solutions® has the expertise and knowledge you need to get your business seen online. When customers search, they’ll find you. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then let’s start with a conversation. Take a moment to provide us with some basic information and we can start the process today!

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Authority Solutions® was exceptionally helpful to us in the consultation process by going above and beyond to provide us with a clear understanding of the Digital Marketing space and what the role of Authority Solutions® is in that space. We have since engaged Authority Solutions® for our SEO needs and we are very happy.

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Keyword research is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, and allows you and your SEO company to be on the same page regarding which keywords to target based on the best ROI. Achieve an advantage over your competitors and ensure that your Fort Worth business is found.

Local SEO is a way to market specifically to Fort Worth customers who are searching for a business listing near them. If you don’t show up in their search results, another business listing in Fort Worth could get the business that should be yours.

Social SEO utilizes social media platforms to boost your website’s authority and search results rankings. It also provides your Fort Worth business with additional ways of being discovered by improving your discoverability when users search for business or service in Fort Worth on their social media platforms.

Video content is imperative for businesses to include in their SEO and digital marketing strategy. In order to execute this crucial aspect of an online gameplan correctly, it takes the right content, fulfillment of the vision, and correct optimization for to show up at the top of not only Google’s search engine results pages, but also YouTube or Vimeo.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has proven to be a fundamental tool when it comes to a business’ online success. It encompasses the technical aspects of a website such as UX/UI, titles, descriptions, keywords and other meta data that helps tell the search engines what your site should rank for so your prospective SEO clients can find you.

Off-Page SEO is managing the backlinks that are pointing to your domain, website and its pages. By ensuring a clean backlink profile, it works to prevent search engines from associating your brand with shady websites or irrelevant content. Avoid having illicit links coming to your site that may raise your rank now but will disastrously harm your credibility in the long run.

Have your SEO company protect your online reputation by taking control of what the public sees when they search for you, your brand, your Fort Worth company or partners and associates in that company.

SEO Fort Worth, Business Marketing and Online Reputation Management and Repair

helps your business have the best online impression possible.

What are 

SEO Services in Fort Worth


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process employed to increase the organic visibility of a website to relevant users via the most commonly-used search engines. A plethora of 3rd party sites/authors that have done studies discovered that Fort Worth SEO is the best ROI and most lucrative search or

SEO and digital marketing service in Fort Worth Texas US

used by well-established web design and digital marketing firms worldwide. Also, the same set of studies revealed that SEO Fort Worth does not only bring a higher click-through rate from the search engine to the client sites but also provides a higher overall return of investment compared to other web design website marketing and SEO tactics or SEO services in Fort Worth employed.


Furthermore, Fort Worth SEO has become a significant concern to most web design and digital marketing and Fort Worth SEO company at present. This is because Google (the most influential search engine to date) has rolled out algorithms responsible for placing authoritative and trustworthy SEO website advertising and pages at the top of its search results. Since being on the first page of Google’s search results offers many benefits such as traffic, these Fort Worth SEO company in Texas have taken the practice of proper SEO and website design very seriously.


However, Fort Worth SEO and web design is not easy. Getting the best SEO outcome requires several changes in the Fort Worth Texas Website Content Optimization and SEO. These tweaks usually include improving the site’s organic rankings in “search engine results pages,” to boost its organic traffic and bring new leads per month. These procedures are quite complicated and should only be handled by an SEO expert. Properly implementing some of the

top Fort Worth SEO solutions, web design and digital marketing

, can significantly increase website traffic and grow a business’s revenue and many web design and online / digital marketing and Fort Worth SEO agency are investing their resources in this internet marketing service and SEO. When businesses make the decision to seek out the best SEO Fort Worth companies to provide these services for business, they routinely find Authority Solutions® at the top of their lists.


The Fort Worth SEO landscape has significantly changed over the years. Many web design SEO agencies and experts in Fort Worth Texas successfully adapted and to these changes, while many others have failed to survive. An excellent example of one who survived and flourished is Authority Solutions®. As an industry leader and one of the best Fort Worth SEO companies, we are very capable of staying on top of each algorithm change that Google introduces to continue to bring success to our SEO clients. As part of our commitment to bringing results-oriented Fort Worth SEO services and web design to our clients, Authority Solutions® continues to monitor the latest and prevailing trends in the SEO and online marketing, advertising and web design industry along with the current and upcoming initiatives that Google is planning to implement.


As a top Fort Worth SEO agency, Authority Solutions® also takes pride in its extensive and consistent traffic and success rate in providing the best Fort Worth SEO services to clients. Our Fort Worth SEO consultant years of experience in handling hundreds of Fort Worth SEO and Internet marketing, web design and advertising campaigns have taught us to understand the rules of the SEO game fully. Thus, we are one of the few SEO firms that can exceed our clients’ expectations.


Authority Solutions® is an award-winning Fort Worth SEO firm. We are regarded as one of the best SEO companies in the industry at present. We were able to achieve this status because we consistently provide digital and SEO services to our SEO clients in Fort Worth with the results they wish to accomplish by employing effective SEO services and web design, internet marketing and advertising solutions and the industry’s best Fort Worth SEO specialists. In handling all our clients’ Fort Worth SEO needs, we depend on the collective output produced by our team of experienced SEO consultants and experts and highly-trained SEO Fort Worth Texas specialists. These individuals, along with their respective SEO team managers, are in charge of the company’s day to day, per month business and are instrumental in providing the Fort Worth SEO services and web design that continue to perform for our clients.


To continue the company’s legacy of providing result-oriented SEO solutions and web design and digital marketing to clients in Fort Worth, Authority Solutions® makes use of a unique hiring process that screens and chooses from the best of the best SEO experts. Also, the company provides every SEO expert on staff, comprehensive, and well-tailored SEO training that equips them with the necessary SEO tools for each client’s specific digital and SEO services and Internet marketing needs.


Authority Solutions®, being a top Fort Worth SEO agency, knows SEO too well. Based on experience, our team of Fort Worth SEO experts, when given a chance to assess a particular website, can quickly determine the sign if it is doing well or having a hard time getting onto the first page of Google’s search results. Due to this level of SEO expertise, our Fort Worth SEO agency can provide clients with the most comprehensive digital services and applicable Fort Worth SEO solutions and web design to address their diverse digital and site optimization needs.


Unlike other Fort Worth SEO companies out there, Authority Solutions® is known for providing a bundle of website design and marketing and Fort Worth SEO services instead of only attacking one area of SEO. Our years of experience in SEO has taught us that it is best to cover all areas of Fort Worth SEO for maximum results. By using this website SEO services, digital and web design process in the Fort Worth Texas area, our

Fort Worth SEO professionals are uniquely equipped to outperform other agencies in the SEO Fort Worth Texas US industry

, thus continually setting Authority Solutions® apart.

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Want To Increase Your Revenue With SEO?

As an SEO expert in the industry, Authority Solutions® in Fort Worth Texas takes the mystery out of SEO services by providing a comprehensive and affordable package per month specific to your company’s individual needs. We have the SEO professionals and experts on staff and the experience as a data-driven SEO company in Fort Worth Texas, to stay a step ahead of the rest. We do this by constantly testing what works and what doesn’t so when we put together and execute an SEO package per month, we are confident that we are delivering the best services and most effective strategy possible.

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Search Engine Optimization FAQ'S

SEO in 2020 is about understanding ‘mobile consumers’, and how web design should be designed to accommodate their browsing experience,  in comparison to desktop browsing. Think about your browsing habits when on your mobile device and in a hurry. You want a definite search result to appear, and a mobile responsive website that allows you to browse seamlessly. Now compare that when searching on a desktop – what ads, or search results catch your attention? Being able to balance this, and develop a comprehensive online presence is what SEO in 2020 is all about. 

OK, so this is sort of complex…just kidding. SEO, is short for Search Engine Optimization. You take part in Search Engine Optimization when you try to make a web page rank higher in a search engine’s SERPs (search engine results pages), with the prime objective being to boost organic (unpaid) web traffic to that web page.

This is a little like asking: Who’s more vital to the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, or Tom Landry? Either one can be debated; but the fact is, both have been crucial to the Cowboys success. This is the same for SEO and PPC (pay-per-click). It is not possible to establish domain authority, organic brand recognition, and a complete online presence without SEO. In the same light, you can’t target potential buyers or prospects by income, online patterns, or keyword research without PPC.

SEO is one of many areas underneath the umbrella of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO and PPC are also subsets of SEM.

What tactics have you tried to implement so far? If you are just starting, we suggest a site audit – which we offer as a complimentary service. Our site audit will help you see any errors on your website, broken or bad links, verify that meta tags are properly identified, and test how quickly your web pages load. Google Search Console also has a helpful tool to “Crawl Errors”, in addition to other metrics to identify how fast your site loads and is responsive across multiple platforms. When you have your website audited and in order, Authority Solutions® will utilize keyword research and content marketing to begin ranking your website, for increased revenue!

Definitely! If this is something foreign, HTTPS is a much more secure version of HTTP. Notice the URL at the top of this page, the “https” at the beginning, and the lock symbol to the left? Google views web pages like these in a positive light. Google indexes HTTPS first, and also recognizes HTTPS as a positive ranking factor for SEO. In addition, HTTPS makes your website load faster, which has a direct impact on how long visitors will stay on your site. All that being said, yes, utilizing HTTPS will help increase your rankings.

Yes! But not all meta tags are created equal. There are typically four types of meta tags:

  • Meta Keywords Attribute – A combination of keywords that are important to the particular page.
  • Title Tag – The title of the specific web page in question.
  • Meta Description Attribute – Usually a few sentences describing the web page.
  • Meta Robots Attribute – A way for search engines to crawl for information, so they will know what to do with the page.

We will go through all of these with you, and set your site up for proper meta tag implementation so that Google will recognize your site and begin to increase your rankings. If you are ready, get started now!

Robots.txt is a text file that lives within your website’s highest-level directory, that help search engines understand how to “crawl” your web pages.

Breadcrumbs are things such as categories and tags, which help determine the naming (taxonomy) and organization of your website to search engines. Breadcrumbs help the end user and search engines like Google understand how to navigate from one page to another throughout your site. They also help establish the importance of the parent pages within each topic.

Great question, think about it like this: the internet consists of two things when boiled down -content, and links between content. When search engines began indexing websites, they needed a method to find out which pages were the most important to appear in search results – a system of ranking. With this in mind, the quality if backlinks and where they point became an important ranking factor in SEO. Backlinks can be seen as a vote of confidence from one web page to another. When a website has good, quality backlinks, the more valuable search engines see your website, and the more likely you will see a postive increase in rankings.

Your websites domain authority is directly attributed to its ability to rank with search engines. You can think of domain authority as result of good link quality. If a page’s link quality is decided by the number and viability of its links, then a web sites domain authority is determined but the link equity throughout all of its pages.

Link building is an SEO tactic that we employ to boost a web page’s link equity, generate more traffic, and increase revenue. Both internal and external link building assist in boosting your page authority.