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Focusing on the Wrong Keywords Is a Costly Mistake

Customers are searching for you using specific keywords and phrases. If your marketing doesn’t focus on the right ones, those customers will find your competitors instead. Authority Solutions® is specifically skilled in conducting research, analyzing findings, and applying expertise to grow your online presence through effective Internet marketing. Let us help you determine what your prospects are actually searching for. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then let’s start with a conversation. Take a moment to provide us with some basic information and we can start the process today!

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Authority Solutions® was an amazing asset to my business growth. I started to see results within WEEKs of working with Authority Solutions®. Not only did I see measurable results, Authority Solutions® made the information understandable and thoroughly answered all of my SEO questions. The process was simple, fast, and got results!

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Intentional Keyword Research for SEO

Long Tail Keyword Research

At Authority Solutions® we understand the value in long tail

SEO keyword research in Las Vegas

. Long tail keywords are three to four keyword phrases that are extremely specific and tailored to whatever a company may be selling in Las Vegas.  Whenever a Las Vegas customer uses such a highly specific phrase, they know what they are looking for, precisely what they need and are, more likely than others, ready to make a purchase. These very specific geographically targeted searches are infinitely more likely to convert to sales over generic searches.

Here are just a few benefits of using long tail 

Las Vegas specific keyword search

 terms as a tool in your marketing plan.

  • Less Competition: SEO keyword research has shown that broad and general keywords have more companies fighting for those terms, thus putting a company in direct competition with mega companies and very developed brands. Using city specific keyword research as a tool and keeping the keyword phrases very specific and tailored to your company’s products and services can reach your Las Vegas targeted audience – when they are ready to buy.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Customers who are ready to buy use long tail keyword searches to narrow in on what it is that they want to purchase. Having your website pages and/or ads tailored to those long tail phrases helps with an increased conversion rate.
  • Less Expensive: If you are looking for competitive keywords in a PPC campaign, research proves that long tail keywords cost less and deliver a higher return.
  • YouTube:

    Keyword research for YouTube

      is extremely important if you want to have your videos rank at the top of YouTube and Google when people search for them. The key is knowing what users are searching for on YouTube. Better ranking videos means more views, traffic and new customers.

Want To Increase Your Revenue With SEO?

Keyword research is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it is the ultimate tool needed to identify common words and phrases people use when searching for particular products or services. Keyword research for SEO allows marketers to gain a better and clear understanding of the competition and the level of demand for certain words, as well as understanding what exact phrases people use when doing a search related to your location or product or service. Discovering the target words or phrases your potential customer is using provides necessary marketing guidance for the efficient optimization of ads. Achieve an advantage over your competitors with SEO keyword research that can ensure that your business is found when people search for the services or products you offer.
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Keyword Research FAQ's

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