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Your Website Ranks #1 But It Doesn't Convert Visitors

You can build a site and even rank it to the top, but is it bringing you business? Without a 

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 company that also understands SEO, your website may never be seen and able to convert visitors into clients. Authority Solutions® understands the importance of getting your website to the top of the search engines with a design that represents your company, products & services in a way that converts those visitors into revenue for you. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then let’s start with a conversation. Take a moment to provide us with some basic information and we can start the process today!

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There are few companies in the SEO industry that are as analytical as Authority Solutions®. More than SEO experts, Authority Solutions® are Search Engine Marketing machines. They dominate the competition for every client they take on. If you are lucky enough to work with them, Authority Solutions® will totally crush it for you.

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Aesthetic & Engaging Website Design

Washington Web Design With an SEO Approach

Since you already have a website, you are well aware of the absolute necessity of your website being able to compete in the online space – whether you sell products or services. As a result, having your website designed around an SEO marketing strategy is a must for optimal success. A website designer that is also a part of a team of Internet marketing professionals gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll end up with a beautiful website design that is created to convert your visitors into clients but you’ll also have a website built from the beginning with an intent to rank at the top of the search engines. Having a website that doesn’t rank is like locking up your best salesperson in a closet.

Mobile & Responsive Web Design

Today, in the age of technology and the development of tablets and smartphones, most consumers use mobile devices to view websites, thus more companies want a flexible mobile version of their website that is easy to access by clients and potential customers. Consequently, this demand for a responsive web design makes it very essential for them to have a website that adjusts according to the visitor’s screen size and the device’s orientation.

RWD is a web development approach where a

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 creates templates of dynamic variations of a website’s design using HTML or CSS so it will respond as appropriate when viewed on different mobile devices. Responsive web design uses breakpoints, which are applied based on the size of the browser, to identify how the presentation of the site will appear on a particular screen.

No matter how sleek a smartphone screen looks, a website made for a desktop user that has not been configured to be mobile/web responsive, will never look good on it. Statistics show that there has been a substantial increase in the number of people using their mobile devices when searching the web compared to the number of those who use their desktops. Today, consumers research, shop and purchase products online using their smartphones, and this dependence is only growing bigger and bigger by the minute. After all, we are in the age where most, if not all, people carry a mobile gadget, wherever they go, whatever they do.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is one of the world’s most highly thought of content management systems (CMS) and it supports major websites such as, The New Yorker and BBC America – and for a good reason. Whatever product or service you are selling, you would be wise to choose WordPress as your CMS. While WordPress has a strong reputation and provides better options for website search engine optimization, you may need more than just an SEO-friendly CMS. There is a lot to do to gain the necessary recognition by the search engines to make your website competitive when compared to the plethora of other websites out there.
  • Website Design – Your business’ website needs a design that looks great and also provides a positive customer experience that converts visitors to customers. The Washington web designers at Authority Solutions® are experienced in creating great-looking websites that convert and are user-friendly.
  • Website Hosting – Your website needs a reliable host that can keep your website up and running, and keep it safe with fast load-times. We provide 24/7 customer support and tech assistance to ensure website issues are resolved promptly if they arise.
  • Website Security – A hacked website could cost your business money or even your reputation. Authority Solutions® is equipped with strategies to protect your website. We can minimize your website’s vulnerability to all website security threats and keep your site 100% safe and secure.
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Want a website That Attracts & Converts?

Having a website in today’s digital world is essential. A majority of consumers search for a business online when looking to make a purchase. If your business doesn’t have a website, it could cost you potential revenue. It doesn’t matter how excellent your services or products are if no one knows you exist. Don’t risk being invisible to potential customers. Give your business an online presence, and begin attracting new customers by partnering with one of the top web design companies. Aside from attracting new customers, having a website offers additional benefits such as establishing credibility, helping you compete with your competitors, saving you time, and even providing you with an additional income stream. With a dependable 

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 that can design your site right, host your site with fast load-times, properly secure your website, and bring you clients through top rankings in the search results, you’re more likely to convert those visitors to customers. Contact Authority Solutions® in Washington and speak with one of our website designers today!

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Web Design FAQ'S

Mobile SEO is related to the search engine optimization of websites aligned with great viewing on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. As of 2020, more than 50% of Internet users browse websites on their mobiles daily. Having a mobile friendly website is seen as a positive ranking factor by Google, and will help to increase your ranking with search engines.

At its core, mobile web design is described as your website’s information, images, texts visual aids, being easily accessible on all types on handheld devices.

Web design is the digital marketing method of creating websites. It includes many different areas, including page layout, page content, and graphic elements. The terms used to describe web design are interchangeable, web design is really a sub-category of web development.

Good web design is built for the end user in mind. Visually pleasing, easy to navigate and find desired information. Most websites focus on simple designs, so that the end user is not distracted or confused.

When designing a desktop website, we use different graphical elements that would not normally reflect properly on mobile. Examples like promotional items, and visual marketing materials. On mobile, sites are designed to have minimal graphics for ease of navigation.

A website is usually the first interaction between you and your potential customers online. As the digital front of your organization, your website should be attractive and functional, designed with the latest design elements that users expect. To properly plan and construct a website that reflect’s your mission and and values takes a professional staff of designers. There are many free web builders available now, but there functionality is limited and most do not have the ability to be included into a full SEO campaign.

A mobile friendly website helps build creditability with your customers, clients, and important people within your industry. A website optimized for mobile will provide a fluid experience, and encourage customers to engage with your, and purchase products or services.

This is an example of anchor text. Simply put, it’s the clickable text in a hyperlink. Anchor links let search engine crawlers know about the topic of the linked page.