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A Negative Online Image Can Be Extremely Costly

You’ve been Googled! Whether you sell merchandise or provide a service, your customers are researching your business online before they decide to spend their hard-earned money on you. If you or your brand has a poor online reputation or no reputation at all, it’s a deal-breaker. Authority Solutions® has the ability to expand your visibility and increase your credibility. You do business with integrity and people should know it. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then let’s start with a conversation. Take a moment to provide us with some basic information and we can start the process today!

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A Bad On-Line Reputation Can Kill Your Brand.

Online Reputation

Protecting Your Online Image

What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Simply put, online reputation management or ORM means taking control of the online image about you, your brand or your company. Receiving the best online reputation management services will provide you a number of techniques and strategies to ensure people find what you want them to find rather than see what some nefarious individual wants them to see. If executed correctly, online reputation management services will help ensure that you maintain a positive image when prospects are researching your products and services, your company, or you.

There are many reasons why businesses and individuals in Sacramento should care about online reputation management for themselves. First of all, the ease and enormity of online searching capabilities have made it so that the internet is our first stop for just about everything. Individuals view the Internet as somewhere where they can find the most reliable information for them. Think about how many times each day people say, “I’ll look it up” or “I’ll Google it?”

The Brand And Reputation You Have Built

You have worked extremely hard to build or keep your business. If you built your Sacramento company from the ground up, you understand what it is like to apply for a loan to get the capital, and you remember just how nervous you were when you pitched a business plan to a loan officer. You know how you felt when receiving the approval for that loan. You were ready to celebrate, but you knew that it was go-time! Even if you purchased an existing business, it was no different. You still felt the same amount of jubilation and fire in your belly to ramp things up and grow your own success. You put in many long days and wore many hats. You probably still do both of those things. You tend to every detail in your business, and the fruits of your labor are a company that is doing well and perhaps even thriving. Moreover, you have an excellent reputation.

Something like an extended illness can cause a business owner to step back from the day-to-day operations, and the company could stop functioning as well. Perhaps a few rough hires were made, and it drove down the reputation of the brand. Any detrimental scenario can appear where the owners are not even aware of what has happened that has caused their revenues to decline. The culprit can often be the Sacramento-based company’s online reputation.

Even when an owner realizes the importance of online reputation management, ORM is most likely not something they are confident in managing. Finding an 

online reputation management company in Sacramento

 to protect your brand is crucial. If you do not protect your brand and/or your name, then it is easy for someone to speak ill of you, your company or your brand and then have that article or page show up on the 1st page of Google’s search results when your prospective clients search for you. This can be detrimental and then at that point you will have to employ a 

Sacramento reputation repair company

 in order to remove that negative content. Sacramento online reputation repair services are much more costly and still do not provide protection moving forward. Partner with an online reputation management expert in Sacramento that will help provide the protection that you need while building your name and business. Authority Solutions® in Sacramento is a digital marketing agency bringing integrity to the field of online reputation management and 

online reputation repair services


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Want to Fix Your Online Reputation?

You have worked hard to establish your reputation, and while no business is perfect, you strive to provide the best customer experience possible. With the expansion of social media, customers now take to their various profiles to share with their friends how their experiences were with businesses they support. Sometimes, that can even include the negative experiences they encounter. Online reputation management means taking control of the online conversation about you and finding ways to turn negative reviews into ways of demonstrating your desire to make things right. If executed correctly, online reputation management services can also help potential customers, potential employers, or colleagues find only positive information about you and your brand, and help you make the best online impression.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management FAQ'S

Online Reputation Management Tips:

  • Create social profiles across all social media and business directory channels
  • Do not ignore social media 
  • Reflect on your brand and the end user when engaging online
  • Control the message associated with your business
  • When possible, employ authorship
  • Create blog posts to give your brand a voice
  • Listen to what your consumers have to say
  • Avoid back and forth arguments online
  • See the value, make the investment into protecting your online reputation

Online reputation management programs are successful, but are not a “fix all”. For example, we may employ tactics to fix your online profiles, business directories and reviews, but if your company does not work on customer service, unfavorable reviews will continue to be posted across your website and Google reviews.

It can be said that online reputation management is crucial for businesses that receive online reviews. Businesses that interface with customers regularly with an online presence should give pause to what customers are saying about their business. Positive feedback can help businesses get new customers.

Tips to clean up your online reputation:

  • See where you are mentioned online
  • Remove and clean up what is in your control 
  • Edit privacy settings so only select people can post or comment
  • Add new content to remove the bad content from showing first (if it cannot be deleted)
  • Clean up your online profiles and business directories 

Social media affects how most retail businesses communicate with customers. They may receive private messages to from customers, or public posts. Customers utilize social media to post positive and negative feedback about services and products.

Simply stated, an online reputation management plan is the method of controlling and improving the ways your business or brand is viewed by customers. It is a huge factor in your businesses online presence.

A online reputation analysis looks into the way your online content portrays your business or brand. An analysis dives into positive and negative brand indicators like online reviews, social posts, etc.